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As a certified Civil Surgeon, Dr. Kathy Malaney and her friendly staff can help you complete the required I-693 immigration form. We offer the required immunizations and will help you through the process quickly and efficiently. Save $700 to $900 at A Doctor On Call.

Call today for an appointment and more details!

(843) 886-4328  


The folowing tests are required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for anyone age 15 or older and will be provided by our clinic:

  • Skin test for tuberculosis (PPD)                          
  • Blood tests for syphilis (RPR)                            
  • Physical Examination                                          

Please bring the follwoing information to your appointment:

  • Personal identification with your photograph on it
  • Your medical and vaccination record                    

Fee: $175.00*             

*this does not include vaccinations but includes a PPD and RPR          

Click here to download the I-693 form

Click here to download file I-693 supplement: